VR Platform Design.

Role: Product Designer
Product Description: Oculus VR Platform, Social VR
Design Goals:

Design a global system for dynamic playspaces that any content could fit in and scale too from a platform perspective.
Help drive social VR platform features that ensure Oculus VR platform and content was seen as safe and inclusive by users.
Contribute research and learnings to the Avatar team to help drive inclusive design.
Contribute research and learnings to help drive Design around Guardian system to ensure user safety when using VR.


Oculus is new to platform development, so it was important to help them look at those further established.
VR is very new technology, making it a challenge to consider inclusive designs when there is an obvious core market.

Heavy research into how current popular platforms are dealing with moderation
Heavy research into safety mechanisms around using VR
Heavy research into the impact not having inclusive designs around avatar creation has on a minority user base.
Designed and helped drive concept and discussion around relevant platform issues and goals.

Final Outcome:
Avatar Team began incorporating feedback.
Research on safety systems aligned with internal UR results.
TBD on various other system design pitches and research provided.

Below you can view key interaction design systems I iterated on.

Adaptive VR Design:
| Adaptive VR Solutions |
| Immersion in VR |
| Roomscale VR Solutions |
| Scaling Template Design |
| Presentations | – Request For Access

Safety VR Design:
| Guardian UX Design – Hardware Expansion |

Abuse Prevention VR Platform Design:
| Abuse Prevention Platform Design |
| Abuse Prevention Research |
| Abuse Prevention Social VR App Protocol Research |

Avatar Design:
| Avatar Research – Focus on Minorities |

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