Turn 10 Studios.

Role: Senior UI Design/Engineering
Products Impacted: Forza Apex, Unannounced

Turn 10 Studios is the home of the Forza Franchise and has grown Forza into one of the biggest motorsport gaming series in the world. Over the years Forza has continued to grow, and has hundreds of UI screens. The goal was to help improve and further establish a strong design process to ensure the franchise can continue to grow creatively. Thru various presentations to upper management, on boarding new designers, and bringing tools from the Windows platform team to the studio, I was able to direct the studio down a stronger path for design which will continue to make it easier for the studio to improve product to product.

I collaborated with others, put together and gave multiple presentations to upper management.
These varied from technical to creative, with the goal of educating and opening up dialog on ways to improve the design process.

I worked on training materials and one on one with designers to ensure they felt comfortable with the design process and tools. Introducing designers to redlining, source control, and how to communicate with frontend developers. I also worked with front end developers to ensure they understood how to interpret design guides and implement pixel perfect solutions.

One of the main tools I worked on bringing to T10 was an internal tool used by Windows and XBOX platform teams to better organize UI screens in their various states for implementation. It was important to guide the team in this direction, to make it a habit of documenting the many areas of the game. It also helped with new members on the team having a place they could visit and see things at a glance.

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