Ticketing Solution.

Role: PM, Developer/Designer


Drive and Deliver solution to lower partner frustration while team transitions to new ticketing service
Gain approval from all internal stakeholders
Design, Develop and deploy streamlined ticketing interface supporting multiple ticketing services per service
Use data from current ticketing system to determine which services to pull to top of list
Leverage feedback from current ticketing service to prioritize features
Integrate new ticketing interface into current engagement portal
Design , develop and deploy new internal support page
Design and develop new visual instructions page
Coordinate with remote engineering team in India for simultaneous code push
Coordinate communications with engagement team


Team is able to use multiple ticketing services while Ticketing 2.0 is worked on
Business partner who was previously frustrated, expressed satisfaction at solution
No confusion, from any of our 200+ partners after roll out
Engineering team able to take their time taking over old code base and preparing new version
Everything designed, developed, approved, and deployed in 2 weeks.

Skills Used:

Design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery

Remove ticketing transition burden from internal business partners by updating interface
Provide transparency into current status
Gain internal stakeholder approval
Gain primary external stakeholder approval
Coordinate with remote engineering team in India for deployment alignment
Coordinate with engagement team for all up comms strategy

Design Goals:
Design a solution that is flexible, and easy to deploy quickly
Design a solution that can be integrated into current engagement platform
Design a solution that can support multiple ticketing services
Design a solution that takes into consideration feedback about current ticketing system
Design a solution that takes into consideration current data analytics from existing ticketing system

Build prototype quickly
Demo prototype to various stakeholders for approval
Share approach with core external stakeholder
Transition prototype to production design and code
Coordinate with engineering and engagement team
Integrate feedback, small bug fixes post launch
Ensure tickets continue to flow per usual

Managing unhappy external partner expectations
Very tight deadlines
Current Ticketing platform in the middle of transition between remote engineering teams
Coordination with remote engineering team, including deploying code simultaneously
Ensuring customers would be redirected to new ticketing solution

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