Role: Design Advisor
Product: Resoltz Family Of Apps
Product Website: Resoltz

Resoltz is designing a culture of health, starting with college students.

Resoltz provides health and fitness information applications and content published over the Internet to assist users in their personal health and fitness efforts. Its applications enable users to receive daily video instruction from trainers and content creators, as well as alerts when their favorite trainer adds new content; connect with current and former classmates with similar workout goals; share knowledge about living healthier lifestyles; and engage in fun competitions between teams, departments, across geographies, and other universities. The company’s applications also connects selected wearable devices.


As an advisor my role is to ensure the company has a strong design culture as it starts out. I help the company continue to develop its design identity both visual and experiential.
Assist with helping the company identify potential in possible hires, and establishing a core design process that can continue to grow as the company grows.

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