Metal Storm: First Strike.

Role: UX/UI Designer


Take high level game design documentation and turn into detailed UX Specs
Work with product owner to ensure all product business goals were met.
Worked with UI Artist to visualize various UI and UX scenarios.
Developed automation pipeline for all UI Assets

Skills Used:

Design, UX, UI

Prototype To Ship
Small Team
Evaluation Of Tech
Diversity of Studio Portfolio

Design Goals:
Capture Fun Part Of Flight Arcade (Dog Fights)
Model business wrapper after CSR Racing

Rapid prototyping -> Design Goals
Game Design + Product Owner = UI/UX Research + Specs -> Pitch
Implement -> Internal Feedback -> UR -> Data Capture -> Solutions

Limited Resources, New Tech
Niche Genre , compared to target business model
Managing user expectations
Controls, Repetitiveness, QTE

View More:

Design: | Node Based Map | Boss Story Flow | | Map Results |
Development: | UI Asset Automation (code sample on request) |
Research: | Controls | QTE | Customization | Repetitiveness |

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