Forza Motorsport 6.

Role: Senior UI Designer/Developer
Product Shipped: Forza Motorsport 6 XBOX One
Product Website:

Worked with Game Design, Visual Design, and Engineering to ensure designs were executed to spec; and implemented efficiently.
Developed automation tools for streamlining content pipelines.
Responsible for engineering many aspects of the interface including major focus on menus and the following features: (localization, content integration).
Responsible for engineering demo experience launched one week before core product.
Responsible for positive messaging in main menu, pitch and implementation ensuring the number 0 did not display when referring to messages, spins or friends online.
Worked with Engineering to integrate Hebrew and Arabic support into menus.

Skills Used:

Design Eye, Pixel Perfect attention to detail.
XAML,SQL, C++, Propiatory Scripting

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| Automation Code Sample | – Request For Access

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