Engage Portal.

Role: Product Owner, Developer/Designer


Increase security across Microsoft services by upgrading internal SharePoint page to fully featured Portal
Set example for internal partners by moving from on prem to fully secured azure cloud based web app service
Dogfood internal security services, and processes in order to share direct feedback and improve
Leverage Microsoft Web Format UI library to enable quick iteration, and alignment with MS design principles
Collaborate with internal service owners to ensure security information is up to date and valid
Integrate Azure Analytics to track engagement, drive features, and monitor service health
Visualize path to secure services for internal business partners


Azure Analytics showed engagement grew over 200% from the text based SharePoint page
Stability increased, as Azure availability remained higher than SharePoint
First Azure Web App service company wide to effectively block guest users, setting an example used to create
a new security kpi increasing security posture across internal web apps

Skills Used:

Design, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery

Create one place for internal business partners to start when looking to secure their service
Create service support pages with consistent level of information

Design Goals:
Secure and reliable architecture
Easily updated by non engineering resources
Visually driven platform aligned with Microsoft Design Principles
Integrate analytics that provide deeper insight than SharePoint
Visually represent security engagement process at a glance

Feedback and service data gathered
Prototypes based off VM
MWF Design Integration
Content Integration
Reviews, and feedback loop with leadership
Test Pass
Launch thru email campaign
All internal org members include link in email signatures

No official design resources or support
No engineering support
No Test support
GM who was core sponsor, left mid development
Engagement Team , too busy to drive features, and partner engagement directly
Not all service owners on board with strategy, leaving missing data post launch
Proper security architecture took 6+ months

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