BOGO (Pet VR).

Role: Product Designer
Product Description: A Pet VR Experience built especially for the Oculus VR Platform and Hardware

Design Goals:

Design an experience around upcoming VR hardware that would help show off the hardware in a positive light. (focus on wireless, mobile)
Design an experience that would help diversify the current Oculus offerings, less core gamer, more accessible to everyone.
Design an experience that would help serve as a great introduction to VR technology in general.


Bottom up effort, the team saw an opportunity after a project was cancelled, lots of extra effort selling this up the chain for official buy off.
No User Research resources available, which is critical when working with new technology like VR.
Hardware and inputs not finalized during idealization and development.
No Art Direction until late into project cycle.
Driving interaction design around new technology like VR

Heavy research into pets and their reactions, as well as pet owners and their expected reactions.
Heavy research into gesture systems, and various interaction designs that could be applied to VR.
Applied research to help design flexible interaction systems that could grown with product.
Designed various UR tests to help validate interaction designs once implemented.
Helped driving visuals for various systems, partnering wtih 3D Art, character, and concept team.

Final Outcome:
Project was greenlit by high level stakeholders and shown on stage with Mark Zuckerberg.
Project was also used to demo hardware to press.

Below you can view key interaction design systems I iterated on.

Trick/Training System Design:
| Gesture Research |
| Training Guide |
| Training Philosophy |
| Trick Interaction Design |
| Trick UR Plan |

Mood System Design:
| Mood UX Spec |

Cooking System Design:
| Cooking UX Spec |

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